About Us

About us

We are ICG next.

We’re an innovative, industry-leading financial advisory firm in Wall Township, NJ, serving multigenerational families as they plan for what’s next.

Our team of knowledgeable, caring advisors will change the way you think about financial services and planning.

About us

So, what has financial advising looked like for you in the past?

Perhaps you’ve had a meeting once a year with your advisor, or maybe it was more like every few years.

Perhaps you’ve gone over stock options and talked about putting money toward a 401K while your advisor checks the clock and offers you options incentivized by commission.

Or maybe you’ve avoided financial advising recently because you already have a plan in place that’s doing pretty well for you right now.

While you know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to financial success, if you’ve worked with a financial advisor in the past, there’s something you should know: We do things differently here at ICG next.

We believe in stewardship and in the power of planning for, growing, and preserving multigenerational family wealth.

We know that when you’re making life’s biggest decisions your questions will stretch well beyond retirement, selecting the right stock, or getting the best rate of return on your investment.

That’s because you’re planning for more than simply your own financial success.

The difference you’ll notice when you work with ICG next is that we support you and your family as you pursue your most important financial goals while respecting the fact that your personal goals are deeply linked to those you have for your money.

Whether you’re planning for your children’s future or your own retirement, what sets ICG next apart is the on-going stewardship and guidance you’ll receive and the advisement experience that goes above and beyond simply offering an array of options or pointing you toward one stock over another.

When you work with an advisor at ICG next, you’ll form a relationship with your advisor and your advisor will get to know you, your business, and your family as you decide what’s next.

If you’re ready for a financial advising experience that supports your big picture personal and financial goals, we’re ready to hear from you.

We're here to help—whenever you need it!




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You Define What's Next, Together We Create A Path Towards It.


What We Do

We’ll help you understand what your financial decisions will mean for you and your family. And we’ll work collaboratively with you to make sure that you are on track towards preserving and growing your assets as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of your financial future with a steady, supportive and informative steward as your advisor.


Our Approach

As advisors, we take our financial planning process seriously because it allows us to share the different opportunities that might be right for you.


Our Mission

At ICG next our comprehensive financial planning and wealth management process addresses the unique needs of every generation in your family and we spend time with you discussing all the choices you have at your disposal when planning for what’s next.


Our Community

Giving back to the community is paramount to ICG next's success. Whether it be food drives, mentoring students or participating in fundraisers; we support and care about our local community, it's local charities and youth.


Get In Touch

Whatever is next for you and your family, we’re here to help.

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