Fiduciary Focus

Fiduciary Focus

Trust, respect, and a plan for what’s next.

These are the reasons you’re working with ICG next, and we make sure that the companies and organizations we work with understand this aspect of financial planning as well.

Whether you’re planning for retirement for you, your family, or your employees, we know that your plans don’t simply impact your personal financial standing. There’s always a bigger picture to look to as you address the finer details.

Putting the Clients First

At ICG next, we focus on over-delivering for you every step of the way because you deserve the best information as you make the financial decisions that will impact the financial future of your business, your family, and the generations that follow.

You want to ensure that your loved ones, your business, and all that you’re building can thrive regardless of the financial climate.

You want advice from people you can trust. And you know that one size most certainly does not fit all.

So, we focus on helping you explore the financial landscape. We offer retirement planning education that’s tailored to your needs and we ensure that you know exactly why we’re making the suggestions we offer.

At ICG next, there’s no need to worry if a solution we suggest is the right fit. That’s because every time you meet with your advisor you’re getting objective advice from a trusted professional.

Our fiduciary responsibility ensures three key things are happening when you work with an LPL supported advisor at ICG next.

First: You’ll work with an experienced retirement planner who can offer you wisdom and insight into the regulatory landscape to help you make the right choices for your individual needs.

Second: You’ll have access to an advisor that can help you tap into the knowledge base and research of one the most talented investment management teams. This means you’ll always have easy access to the right services and investments as you plan for what’s next.

Third: Your experience is customized because you and your employees expect and deserve an exemplary financial education. You’ll get that education at enrollment and at any one-on-one meetings.

At ICG next, our goal is to help you plan for what’s next and we know that our responsibility to you, your family, and your employees is to provide the right advice, guidance, solutions, and plans to help you get there.

Then we support you as you go after all of the things you truly want in life.

If you are ready to light your financial path with insight and wisdom from financial advisors who have your best interests and your family’s best interests in mind, you’re ready for what’s next.

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