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LPL Financial is one of the nation’s leading financial services companies and enables financial advisors to foster their work with the best tools and services. LPL helps advisors meet the needs of their clients by focusing on informed investing and objective guidance.

LPL offers advisors the tools and technology to do their job at the highest possible level of performance and aids advisors in offering the most relevant, timely research and information.


What Does This Mean For You?


Access to the most educated, informed, objective, and well-equipped advisor to offer relevant and timely guidance as you plan for what’s next.


A personalized process that respects your financial needs and goals.

LPL’s mission is aligned with ICG next because the firm believes that objective financial guidance that respects the client’s individual needs is fundamental to client success.

LPL doesn’t engage in investment banking activities and they don’t offer proprietary investment products either. This ensures that advisors affiliated with LPL can give objective advice to their clients without the pressure to push a particular product.

Financial advisors nationwide rely on the firm’s tools and resources to assist them as they provide financial guidance to their clients.

LPL and Retirement Planning

You can help put your employees on the path toward achieving a secure retirement and an LPL advisor can help.

LPL Retirement Partners is the retirement plan-focused division of LPL Financial. Using an integrated business platform and a team of retirement industry experts, LPL Retirement Partners supports the operational and practice management needs of retirement plan advisors who offer retirement plan services to plan sponsors and their employees.

When you work with an LPL advisor you’ll be helping your employees plan for what’s next.

Your advisor will work with you using cutting edge tools and high-impact educational approaches.

This wealth of resources, coupled with LPL’s commitment to service ensures that you and your employees will create and achieve your vision for what’s next.

If you’d like to learn more about LPL you can visit their website here.

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