Serving Our Community.




Supporting Our Community

The team at ICG next is passionate about serving our community and we know that you feel the same way. From socially conscious investing to giving back to the community we always have our eyes on the big picture.

So, whether it’s assisting with non-profit fundraising and leading mentorship programs or supporting you as you select socially conscious investing options, we’re here to help you and your community plan for what’s next.


Socially Conscious Investing

ICG next can help you align your values and passions with your investment decisions. The best part? We can help you make those value-aligned financial decisions without sacrificing your wealth-building potential.

Socially conscious investing ensures that your core values guide investment decisions and that approach, coupled with ICG next’s focus on objective, knowledgeable, and caring stewardship, can help you plan for what’s next.

In fact, while socially conscious investing may be new for some of our clients, it’s one of the most rewarding approaches because it allows you to feel great about the decisions you make.

If you’re curious about what personal, socially conscious investing would look like for you, be sure to reach out to us today.


Stewards In Our Community

At ICG next, every interaction we have with our clients is meant to offer stewardship, care, knowledge, and support.

The same is true of the work we do in our community.

We care deeply about those we serve and we put that care into action through our community outreach.

We offer mentorship programs for those interested in entering the financial advising and financial services arena.

Beyond mentorship, we partner within our community and are driven to finding ways to make a difference. Our team supports charity events, stewards fundraising and donations to our community organizations, and puts our stewardship in action through team-wide community service.

At ICG next our stewardship in the community means that we’re consciously acting in the present and planning for what’s next.

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