What Does Your Current Financial Strategy Look Like?

Is it a Plan You’ve Devised Yourself?

Was it created with the help of an advisor who receives commissions for offering particular solutions?

Have you avoided financial planning all together in hopes that if you simply save enough to retire or put your children through college?

At ICG next, we’ll meet you wherever you are on your financial journey and we’ll support you as you get to where you’re going next.

This means that you’ll receive personalized, comprehensive guidance and that your advisor will work with you to design a financial strategy that includes approaches and products that align with your goals.


What’s Our Strategy?

We offer on-going communication and timely, relevant meetings.

We collaborate with you on a regular basis and help you through in-depth discussions about your goals and aspirations.

In short, our strategy is to offer you on-going, purposeful and unparalleled support.

The mainstay of our strategy is to provide thorough, caring, and steady guidance as you explore your personalized wealth creation opportunities and support you with informed advice on investment strategies that suit your needs and goals as well as potential tax strategies and approaches to retirement planning.

We combine the best plans for your unique situation into a comprehensive, personalized plan for your financial future and the financial future of your business and family.

Then we provide on-going stewardship so that you stay on track toward your goals and make informed decisions as you and your family strive towards continued success for years and generations to come.

We offer you objective, individual, and future-focused advising that provides the support you need to achieve your financial and personal goals for what’s next while designing, growing, and preserving your family’s generational wealth. That’s the power of an ICG next advising strategy.

Are you looking for a financial strategy that takes your personal and financial goals into account?

Are you looking to explore all the options you can grow and sustain your wealth?

Are you ready to have an advisor who can guide you through the process of creating a financial future that reflects you and your family?

Reach out today and let’s get started with your personalized plan for what’s next.

Discovering What is Important to You.


What We Do

We’ll help you understand what your financial decisions will mean for you and your family. And we’ll work collaboratively with you to make sure that you are on track towards preserving and growing your assets as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of your financial future with a steady, supportive and informative steward as your advisor.


Our Approach

As advisors, we take our financial planning process seriously because it allows us to share the different opportunities that might be right for you.


Our Mission

At ICG next our comprehensive financial planning and wealth management process addresses the unique needs of every generation in your family and we spend time with you discussing all the choices you have at your disposal when planning for what’s next.


Our Community

Giving back to the community is paramount to ICG next's success. Whether it be food drives, mentoring students or participating in fundraisers; we support and care about our local community, it's local charities and youth.


Get In Touch

Whatever is next for you and your family, we’re here to help.

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