Evolution, like death and taxes, is inevitable – things change. Unfortunately, change is something that folks often wish to avoid at all cost. After all, change for most is both painful and unpleasant – or is it?

Truth be told, when one chooses to shape change in a proactive manner, with both objectives and desired outcomes in mind, change is pleasant and rewarding. Hence, the evolution of ICG next (formerly Intellectual Capital Group). Like many firms in the financial services industry, Intellectual Capital Group, initially, found itself fixated on the idea of wealth management, investing.

However, it soon became clear that the questions, concerns, needs and objectives of its clients went well beyond that of simply investing. Thus, the birth of ICG next – a multi-generational financial services firm focused on the profound trends in the financial services industry that will impact our clients, their families, our industry and our firm. We’ve developed a set of strategic plans to capitalize on such trends and are committed and focused on execution for the well-being of our clients and our organization. After all, providing thoughtful counsel to our families requires that ICG next remain valuable, relevant and sustainable in an ever-evolving industry & world.

Intellectual Capital Group becomes ICG next

Our evolution has highlighted the importance of shedding the mindset of a financial advisor – replacing the same with the mindset of a steward, confidant and trusted resource for clients providing both guidance & counsel – not products.  

Our evolution has highlighted the importance of having a collection of innovative, proactive and holistic strategies & solutions designed to shape our future and that of our clients – what’s “next.”

Our evolution has highlighted the importance of growth – personal, professional and organizational.

Perhaps most important, our evolution has highlighted the importance of redefining the financial service industry – changing how clients “see” themselves and view our organization as it pertains to their successful future.


While Intellectual Capital Group may have been where the organization started, ICG next is the future. And while the future, like the past, will undoubtedly change, evolve, ICG next is clear on its mission – providing counsel to it’s clients for what’s next, regardless of what’s next.

ICG next is an innovative, industry-leading financial advisory firm located in Wall Township, NJ, serving multigenerational families as they plan for what’s next.

Our team of knowledgeable and caring advisors is changing the way our clients think about and view financial services. To contact ICG next, please call (732) 359-3838 or click here.

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