There’s a widely held belief that a financial advisor assists with investments. While that may be true with many advisors, the scope of advice and counsel at ICG next extends well beyond simply investing.

“It doesn’t take a genius to pick a good mutual fund,” says Michael Bonevento, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, the firm’s founder and a managing partner. “Investments are just one piece of a family’s financial puzzle. What a financial advisor should do is peek around corners, identify pitfalls, and broaden how a client views the world across multiple generations.”

A holistic approach and steadfast commitment to protecting clients’ wealth sets ICG next apart in an increasingly product-focused industry. Based in New Jersey and with clients across the country, the firm’s seasoned talent manages more than just money: They are confidantes, stewards, and coaches, ready to advise clients at every stage of life.

Counsel for Today and Tomorrow

Among the tasks on most people’s financial to-do list are buying a home, educating children, and retiring comfortably. Though laudable, these goals are vague, says managing partner Craig Laday, CFP®, CIMA®, AIF®. “We help clients define their objectives into more manageable tasks,” he says. “Then we motivate clients and hold them accountable for pursuing those goals so they find themselves closer to that vision.”

Helping clients navigate the twists and turns of their financial journey is the ICG next way. “Clients come to us with big questions, but what stands out over time are things that are more personal,” says managing partner James Costabile, CRPC®, CLTC®, AIF®. “Should I lease or buy a car? Should I change jobs? Is it time to move to Florida? We advise based on a foundation of trust.”

That advice is based on decades of experience and the individual competencies of advisors—be it Bonevento’s skill at  designing flexible strategies to protect clients’ wealth; Laday’s talent for coaching new retirees on financial and emotional needs; or Costabile’s distinctive ability to identify solutions and strategies that complement each client’s circumstances. This high-touch level of service is a cornerstone of the firm’s mission of preserving the longevity and sustainability of family wealth across generations.

Instilling a moral component to financial legacies is key to that process. “If you teach your children emotional resiliency, they are more likely to be responsible stewards when receiving an inheritance,” says Bonevento. To that end, ICG next lays the groundwork for secure transfers of wealth. “We help beneficiaries develop sound financial skills so the wealth their parents spent decades accumulating won’t be depleted in a handful of years,” says Laday.

ICG next is forging its own legacy, too, by matching promising junior advisors with tenured colleagues who mentor them in all areas of financial planning and wealth management. “We’re building a diverse, multigenerational team that can lead clients to where they want to be over the course of their lifetimes,” says Costabile. It’s the firm’s way of ensuring that, years from now, IGC next will remain valuable, relevant, and dedicated to the well-being and legacies of its clients.

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Become relevant, sustainable… with ICG next.  ICG next is an innovative, established financial advisory firm located in Wall Township, NJ, serving multigenerational families as they plan for what’s next.

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