Who you are today is different than who you were 5 years ago and who you will be 10 years from now will be altogether different than who you are today – after all, evolution and change are as certain as both death and taxes.

That said, having a comprehensive financial plan that extends well beyond that of simply investing is foundational to not only navigating the challenges, questions and concerns of today but surely those of tomorrow and beyond.

Equally important, however, is “working” one’s plan – the critical element being one’s behavior.

After all, there will always be headlines, events and opinions (noise so to speak) that can shake the financial markets in the short term – that can result in one calling into question every thought, deed, action and strategy being employed in one’s quest to achieve what is truly important to them personally and financially.

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, it is near impossible to process the many headlines, events and opinions that confront us daily, let alone translate the same into your portfolio or financial objectives on a day to day basis, prudently & thoughtfully.

Every generation has events that “define” the generation and while folks often state that “things will be different,” the old saying “the more things change the more things stay the same” is instead the reality. 

One can, however, behave in a consistent, disciplined and methodic manner – seeking to take advantage of uncertainty for their well-being and that of their family, ensuring decisions are aligned with long term objectives.   

The role of a financial professional is one of both educating and empowering his / her clients – the goal of which is the forging of consistent, disciplined and methodic behaviors over time so as to ensure that turmoil and uncertainty are simply inconveniences during the journey to success.

At ICG next, our professionals understand the critical nature of behavior and its connection to success understanding who our clients are today and stewarding them towards to what’s NEXT.

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