Often ignored by advisors and overlooked by clients is the importance of organizational sustainability – the ability for an organization to continue unparalleled service and meaningful counsel to its clients in the event a team member (s) is no longer with the organization by default (passing / disability) or design (retirement).

Truth be told, in both an industry and world where evolution is continuous and rapid, organizational sustainability is vital.

After all, client questions, concerns, curiosities and objectives extend well beyond that of simply investing – instead including coordinated tax and estate planning strategies, insulating a family’s financial well-being from the unexpected (death, disability, etc.), planning prudently for a child’s education, and planning effectively for one’s retirement.

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To that end, the most critical decision an individual / family faces when seeking to gain and maintain greater control with regard to their financial future is not what firm is chosen, whether an individual is a registered representative, RIA or independent, or what investment vehicles are utilized in the design, adoption and management of a portfolio.

Instead, it is whether or not the team of professionals engaged understand the importance of organizational sustainability and how such sustainability ensures the continuation of the service and counsel that will enhance the likelihood of achieving what is important, personally, professionally and financially for clients and families served.

Part and parcel with understanding the importance of organizational sustainability is that of dedicating firm resources to both creating and ensuring organizational sustainability.

In turn, creating and ensuring organizational sustainability is “rooted”, so to speak, in a firm’s policies, procedures and most importantly – its “people.”

The founders of ICG next understood long ago the importance of “human capital” as an primary ingredient for organizational sustainability – setting out on a quest to not only identify but to invite the brightest, disciplined and most motivated individuals to begin or continue a career at our firm.

ICG next maintains a philosophy and fosters a culture designed to not only develop individuals but to elevate members of our firm from “financial advisor” to trusted, knowledgeable steward – professionals who guide clients from generation to generation, providing counsel on the very topics that are most meaningful; share in the moments that defines one’s life, and provide both support and advice during the challenging chapters of one life.

The professionals at ICG next realize life is a journey – a journey only made more enjoyable and complete by those who walk with you.

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ICG next is an innovative, industry-leading financial advisory firm located in Wall Township, NJ, serving multigenerational families as they plan for what’s next. Our team of knowledgeable and caring advisors is changing the way our clients think about and view financial services.

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